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 SImple, Simple Rules

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PostSubject: SImple, Simple Rules   SImple, Simple Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 21, 2009 1:13 am

This is my site, so i get to impose my rules.

Board Rules

1. No Ripping/Unauthorized Use of Code.
You are free to use all knowledge here for your personal, non commercial gain.
You under no circumstances may use any intellectual property from this website for any commercial gain unless you have written consent of the original author.

2. No Pornographic Material.
Any sexually oriented imagery or links to such content will not be tolerated.

3. No Warez/Cracks/Serials or Illegal Software.
This includes linking to software, posting about it, and suggesting to get it.

4. No Excessive Cursing or Swear words.
We encourage you to use our community as a forum to debate topics, but please use proper adjectives to express yourself.
We will not tolerate abuse upon another member.

5. No Flamming.
Don't flame members, it is unproductive and annoying for moderators to delete.[/b]

6. No Attacks / Retaliation of any kind against a member, or group of members.
If you are a long standing member, act like one. Lead by example and assist other newer members rather then attacking them.
We look upon our veteran members to use this opportunity to teach the newer members the appropriate way to use these forums. If someone insults you, do not retaliate but report the offending post using the 'report this post' text link located in each post's bottom right corner.

7. Posts in a particular forum need to stay on topic.
If you want to talk about something that is drastically removed from the topic of a forum,
please take it to the Off-Topic Forum. The Off-Topic Forum was set up and designed for members to discuss issues not related to a specific game.

8. No Cross-Posting.
Cross-Posting is when you post the same message multiple times in various threads or forums.
Continuing to post a similar message will result in an immediate ban.

9. No Signature Picture Abuse.
If we find that an image you post in your signature is offending to anyone it will be immediatly removed and your account will be disabled.
Be sure to keep your signature picture at a reasonable size.

10. No spamming.
Spamming is characterized by the initiation of threads or posts that contribute nothing to a forum, be it off topic or on topic.
Examples include: empty bodies, bodies with few words that have no relation to the current thread or discussion and those posts that state they are spam,
either to annoy or increase a member's post count. This determination is made by the forum Moderator or Administrator and is not up for discussion.

11. No Advertising.
Do not post links to other websites that are irrelevant to the topic subject.
Posting links to other sites in your signature is allowed as long as it is not abused.

12. Respect the authority of Moderators and Admins.
If you don't like something that an admin or moderator did, e-mail them or send them a private message.
DO NOT complain about a deleted post or moved topic in the forums. We don't have time to inform everyone about why a post was moved or deleted.

13. Trojans, Viruses, Any Other Malware.
any of either posted on these forums will get you an immediate ban, this includes backdoors, keystealers, any form of virus,
sp0rkeh (which i will personally ban you for), etc. Also suggesting somebody to download/use one of the pieces of software above will also get you banned.
This is not a virus/trojan forum. Even talking about those things is not allowed and will end in a ban!

Only give second warning. After that I will IP ban you.

SImple, Simple Rules Skate
Thanks to GFXdudeslp for my sig.
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SImple, Simple Rules
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